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Analog Relax KOI-OTO Silver


How long will you bear with its delicate sound? Unprecedented "thickness" and "thickness" to you
It was not specs that I pursued, dense, dense sound.

Easily draw out unprecedented sounds and get the excitement of the record again.
"Analog Relax KOI - OTO Cartridge"

This era of digital popularity. Trying to listen to the record What do you want from the vinyl record?
Surely in the depths of the heart, it seems that it is being asked for a thick, dense "heart dancing, deep sound" that seems to be an analog that can not be obtained in digital.

I think that you are fighting every day to make that sound.
But please be relieved.
It is the KOI - OTO cartridge, which is the simplest way to make it easier to extract a different dimension of dense sound from your record.
Please get the excitement of that record again.


<KOI-OTO Silver>

Sparkle in the thick. In KOI-OTO I adopt only "silver wire coil".
It is a high-end model of KOI-OTO which brings out sparkle that can only be displayed on silver wire, superb gloss feeling, a sense of air.
There are several silver wire coil cartridges in the world, but it is not a thin line sound like those.
It is a characteristic of KOI-OTO Silver that combines a sense of unfamiliar air while being thick and thick.

Please enjoy the sound of beautiful strings, the rich sound of the piano, and the breathing of female vocals.
To the air feeling that spreads out in front of the speaker, you are to be upright.
It is especially recommended for those who are interested in high-end audio.

The body material is also used for the back plate of the violin "scallop of solid Japanese maple" . Beeswax wax finish.
The needle tip is a special order "advanced grade" elliptical needle precisely cut along the crystal direction of prismatic diamond. It realized overwhelming resolution height and high durability.

· Format: MC cartridge
· Coil: Silver wire
· Impedance: 20 Ω
· Tracking Force: 2.0 g
· Needle tip: Diamond ellipse (advance grade)
· Frequency range: 20 to 25,000 Hz ± 2.0 dB
· Output voltage: 0.45 mV (1 kHz) or more
· Magnet: Neodymium Multi Magnet
· Cantilever: Aluminum

<KOI-OTO Cartridge: Common Features>

● Super strong multi-neodymium magnet mounted
· Magnetic force of the strongest class among MC cartridges is realized, low frequency tightening realized
● High power 0.45mv!
● Solid wood body creating sound of sound
● KOI-OTO Round Baffle that produces a rich sounding of the middle low range
● Guard the power generation part from the static electricity from the record, securing the original movement of the cartridge “Static Electricity Guard Cloth" fitted
● Analog Relax Ginjo Lead Wire "Jazz Standard" as standard equipment
· Taste not available with modern materials, standard equipped with Ginjo Lead Wire "Jazz Standard" using Western electric vintage wire

This item is "complete order made goods".
After payment is confirmed, skilled craftsmen will start production.
For orders, shipping will take about 4 weeks after receipt of order.
Please note.

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