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I am a super analog person who loves records and coffee (and recently bicycles).

Because everything is digital, it's good! It is becoming impossible to overcome the current flow of the world ....

Of course I am going to acknowledge the goodness of digital, but digital = cutting edge = So wonderful! I do not think it is.

Rather, it is becoming a world where efficiency is demanded by digitization, and it seems that many evils are appearing.

· Becomes efficient, it becomes "stuffing" due to work Working environment to learn

· Reduction of contact with "families" that should be the closest existence

· Analog people try to adapt themselves to the digital society, but it is burned out so much "mental disorder"


In such a time, I think that the life that accompanies my mind is important not to forget the comfort of analog and the comfort between digital and analog.

I would like to propose an analog life which can be "relieved" from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you very much.

ZOOT Communication owner  Yasushi Yurugi


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